Collaboration STATTMANN / Atelier Ordinaire – Vosges, July 2020

This summer Atelier ordinaire finished a new house in the Vosges, France. A vacation home with a great lake and mountain view.

Upon request of the owners, STATTMANN custom made tables from pine wood, the same wood as the house itself. 
Together with Atelier Ordinaire they have selected the colours blackblue, greygreen and tomatored for chairs and stools. A very beautiful combination – as we think!

Driven by this unique opportunity we brought the pieces to the Vosges ourselves. Together with Angèle and Thomas from Atelier ordinaire and photographer Jonathan Mauloubier we stayed there for the weekend. As a result, we were able to capture the special atmosphere, which we are happy to share with you.

When we discovered the work of Atelier ordinaire in 2017, we were fascinated by minimalist prefab houses. For us, the rooms in the houses of Atelier ordinaire are themselves like well-made furniture. The outside corresponds exactly with the inside. There is no disconnection – only wooden volumes, soft transitions and clear lines. We cannot picture our furniture in a better space. The collaboration of the two offices resulted in a series of photo shootings using the architectural spaces created by Atelier ordinaire as a setting for our furniture.

Photography Jonathan Mauloubier.
Vosges, France

A POINT OF VIEW with Julien Renault

With the project A POINT OF VIEW we give photographers – whose work we love – a carte blanche to shoot our furniture. No restrictions, no limitations. First, they pick their favorite STATTMANN furniture. Items they would love to photograph and keep for their homes or offices afterwards. As soon as the furniture arrives at their studio, they start the project – as we wait for the results with rising curiosity.
We asked Julien Renault as the 2 nd photographer for this project. He lives and works in Brussels. We have known each other since the beginning of STATTMANN.
He really knows the curves, lines and details of our products! For A POINT OF VIEW Julien selected the two versions of CURV CHAIR in yellow and a PROFILE CHAIR in ash natural designed by @sylvainwillenz 

We originally planned the shooting for March – this had to be cancelled because of the Brussels lockdown. When this was lifted, Julien looked for a space in Brussels which would make a beautiful setting for the shooting while retaining some of the emptiness and loneliness of the lockdown period.

Photography Julien Renault.

A POINT OF VIEW with Jonathan Mauloubier

With the project A POINT OF VIEW we gave photographers – whose work we admire very much – a carte blanche to take pictures of our furniture. No restrictions, no limitations. They picked their favorite pieces for photographs and afterwards we waited curiously for the results. We asked Jonathan Mauloubier first. Recently he moved to Brittany. There he and and Charlotte Talbot set up their new home and studio. The shooting took place in the new studio.

Photography Jonathan Mauloubier.

Collaboration STATTMANN / Atelier ordinaire – Provence, December 2018

For the first shooting of CURV CHAIR and CURV TABLE we teamed up with Atelier ordinaire for a third time. They had just completed a new wood house offering spectacular views on the Provencal landscape. The owners had moved in two weeks previously and we found their kids’ chalk drawings on the terrace boards. We also liked the colours on the interior walls.


Photography Adrian Niessler (Pixelgarten).
Architecture ATELIER ORDINAIRE / Thomas Walter. Provence, France

Collaboration STATTMANN / Atelier ordinaire – Burgundy, April 2018

Atelier ordinaire constructed a fantastic prefab wood house opening on the vineyards of Beaune. On a sunny April day, a few days before the owners moved in, we fitted out the house with items from the STATTMANN collection.


Photography Julien Renault.
Architecture ATELIER ORDINAIRE / Thomas Walter. Burgundy, France

Collaboration STATTMANN / Atelier ordinaire – Brittany, March 2017

For our first shooting with Atelier ordinaire we chose this house in Brittany with its eye-catching charred façade – a traditional method for protecting the wood against the weather. As with other projects by AO, the large windows open the interior towards the surrounding nature. Due to the clever sustainable wood construction, the indoor climate is extremely pleasant and the house requires practically no heating.


Photography Thomas Walter.
Architecture ATELIER ORDINAIRE / Thomas Walter . Brittany, France