Plug Shelf Connectors

by Steffen Kehrle

For the stable connection of several PLUG SHELF units we have developed special CONNECTORS. They are equipped with small ledges on the back which interlock stably. You can position the CONNECTORS wherever you like. However, the maximum stability is achieved when inserting them above the top and bottom boards. You need a double set – 2 pairs of CONNECTORS – to interlock two shelves and another double set for each additional unit. You may also consider combining different colours – this can look very beautiful.

MATERIAL: Ash and oak - solid wood and veneer. All wood comes from controlled sustainable forestry. Each piece of wood has its individual grain and colour – that is what makes the resulting piece of furniture unique. The surface is stained with water-based pigments and finished with a hard wax seal.

Ash Natural, Stattmann colour palette
Length 29.5 cmWidth 6 cmHeight 16 cm
Stattmann Plug Shelf Connectors
From 68,00  + VAT and shipping