Profile Table

by Sylvain Willenz

PROFILE TABLE is a solid wood table characterised by a minimal design and delicate proportions. The cross-shaped sub-structure allows for maximum leg space. It is connected to the table top by means of a simple plug-in connection and secured with a few screws.

PROFILE TABLE will be at home in the dining room or kitchen, as well as in restaurants and other public spaces. Its design and proportions make it the perfect counterpart to PROFILE CHAIR and PROFILE BENCH by Sylvain Willenz.

There are 6 variations: SQUARE 160 (4 to 6 persons), SQUARE 220 (8 to 10 persons), SQUARE 250 (10 persons), ROUND 94 (3 persons), ROUND 122 (4 to 6 persons), and ROUND 135 (8 to 10 persons).

MATERIAL: Solid ash and oak. All wood comes from controlled sustainable forestry. Each piece of wood has its individual grain and colour – that is what makes the resulting piece of furniture unique. The surface is stained with water-based pigments and finished with a hard wax seal. The stoppers under the legs are made from wool felt.

Ash Natural, Stattmann colour palette
Height 74.5 cm
Stattmann Profile Table
From 790,00  + VAT and shipping