With the project A POINT OF VIEW we give photographers whose work we love a carte blanche to shoot our furniture. No restrictions, no limitations. First, they pick their favourite STATTMANN furniture – items they would love to photograph and to keep for their homes or offices afterwards. As soon as the furniture arrives at their studio, they start the project – as we wait for the results with rising curiosity. Julien Renault is the second photographer we invited for this project.

Curv Chair Armrest in ash / dark yellow

Julien lives and works in Brussels. We have known each other since the beginning of STATTMANN.
He really knows the curves, lines and details of our products! For A POINT OF VIEW Julien selected the two versions of CURV CHAIR in yellow and a PROFILE CHAIR in ash natural. 

We originally planned the shooting for March – this had to be cancelled because of the Brussels lockdown. When this was lifted, Julien looked for a space in Brussels which would make a beautiful setting for the shooting while retaining some of the emptiness and loneliness of the lockdown period.