In summer 2020, Atelier ordinaire finished a new house in the Vosges, France. A vacation home with a great lake and mountain view.

Upon request of the owners, STATTMANN made custom tables from pine wood, the same wood as the house itself. Together with Atelier ordinaire they selected the colours blackblue, greengrey, and tomatored for the chairs and stools. A very beautiful combination, we think!

We seized this unique opportunity, and brought the pieces to the Vosges ourselves. Together with Angèle and Thomas from Atelier ordinaire and photographer Jonathan Mauloubier we stayed there for the weekend. As a result, we were able to capture the very special atmosphere of the place, which we are happy to share with you.

When we discovered the work of Atelier ordinaire in 2017, we were fascinated by minimalist prefab houses. For us, the rooms in the houses of Atelier ordinaire are themselves like well-made furniture. The outside corresponds exactly with the inside. There is no disconnection – only wooden volumes, soft transitions and clear lines. We cannot picture our furniture in a better space. The collaboration of the two offices resulted in a series of photo shootings using the architectural spaces created by Atelier ordinaire as a setting for our furniture.

Photography: Jonathan Mauloubier.
Vosges, France
July 2020