SHOOTING CURV / JWA – Berlin, October 2020

Curv Chair and Curv Table Round seen from above. Ash natural..

CURV CHAIR and TABLE un Ash / Natural

Despite the pandemic, in October 2020 we had the wonderful opportunity to shoot tables and chairs of our CURV series in the still unoccupied rooms of the award-winning Remise in Immanuelkirchstraße, Berlin.

Architecture: Jan Wiese Architekten (JWA)

Photography: Jonathan Mauloubier.

CURV CHAIR ash/natural, CURV CHAIR ash/blackblue, CURV CHAIR ARMREST ash/blackblue, PROFILE BARSTOOL 76 ash/natural, PROFILE BARSTOOL ash/blackblue

CURV TABLE RADIUS 240 ash/natural, CURV TABLE ROUND 135 ash/natural