by Steffen Kehrle

SNUG BED is a beautiful massive wood bed with soft lines and a calm matter of factness. The beautiful grain of the wood, precise craftsmanship and sophisticated details make SNUG BED an essential piece to be enjoyed for a long time.

The round bed posts are at the heart of the design. Marked by an elegant visible join, the side panels run flush into the cleverly designed corner connection. This produces the clear, continuous line of the frame. Well-balanced proportions and simple components make for the casual aesthetic of SNUG BED, which is further emphasized by beautiful details and lines as well as the play of light and shadow.

SNUG BED is a comfortable place for adults and children – at home, in the cottage or vacation apartment, or in the hotel.

SNUG BED is manufactured using wood from sustainable forestry which is treated exclusively with ecological materials. The only exception are the cast metal screw connectors which guarantee the durability and reliability of the corner joint.

It has an integrated slatted frame made of massive pinewood. If desired, a slatted frame of one’s own choice can be placed into the frame instead of the provided slats. The bed is shipped in a flat pack. The assembly requires two persons and typically takes about 30 minutes.

SNUG BED is also available without a headboard. To see the available variations, please go to the page SNUG BED FRAME.

MATERIAL: Solid ash and oak. All wood comes from controlled sustainable forestry. Each piece of wood has its individual grain and color – that is what makes the resulting piece of furniture unique. The surface is stained with water-based pigments and finished with a robust matt lacquer which requires no special treatment. The bed and all its components are manufactured in Germany.

MEASUREMENTS: height frame 36 cm | height headboard 75 cm (all variations)

DELIVERY TIME: The production time for SNUG BED is currently about 6 to 8 weeks.

Stattmann natural colour: NATURAL / OAKStattmann natural colour: NATURAL / ASHStattmann natural colour: BLACKBLUE / ASHStattmann natural colour: DARK BLUE / ASHStattmann natural colour: DARK GREEN / ASHStattmann natural colour: GREENGREY / ASHStattmann natural colour: GREY / ASHStattmann natural colour: LIGHT WHITE / ASHStattmann natural colour: NUDEGREY / ASHStattmann natural colour: RED / ASHStattmann natural colour: ROSE / ASHStattmann natural colour: TOMATO RED / ASHStattmann natural colour: WHITE / ASH
200 × 160 × 75 cm