by Marina Bautier

With UNIT DESK the massive wood shelving system UNIT offers a variation ideally suited for your private study, kids room, or the office.

Available in the heights 70 cm and 158 cm, UNIT SHELF includes 3 resp. 5 standard shelf boards as well as a desktop element.

As with all furniture of the UNIT series, the assembly of UNIT SHELF is very simple. Thanks to a robust plug-in connection, the order and positioning of the elements can be changed easily by hand and any number of times. The shelf gets its stability from the solidity of the material and the precision of the plug-in joints.

MATERIAL: Solid ash and oak. All wood comes from controlled sustainable forestry. Each piece of wood has its individual grain and colour – that is what makes the resulting piece of furniture unique. The surface is stained with water-based pigments and finished with a robust matt lacquer which requires no special treatment. The shelf and all its components are manufactured in Germany.

MEASUREMENTS: width 82 cm | depth board 25 cm | depth desk 50 | height 70 cm, 158 cm

MAXIMUM LOAD: We recommend a maximum load of 15 to 20 kg per shelf board.

DELIVERY TIME: The production time for the UNIT DESK is currently about 10 to12 weeks.